Dear Diary!

In Funny, Performance, Political, Power&Control, What I do in my freetime on October 20, 2010 at 5:17 pm

Yesterday night I got drunk, with friends at a campfire and burned a 50 Euroes bill…it was because I wanted to explain that this is nothing but a sheet of paper with a number on it…people were recording me with their mobiles. they yelled “give it to me”” or “my children need new shoes”. I just thought that it can’t be that we all only run after these bills all the fucking time. Money is nothing magical, it’s just the stuff we use for complicated exchange processes… One guy said he liked what I was doing and took out 60 Euroes to top me. He burned 10 and then…he put the 50 back into his pocket…rabbit. I at least seemed to have impressed a girl and she joined me in bed after that little show…so you could say that have been very well invested 50 Euroes.

(And yes, I knowwwwww it’s illegal, but hey – I at least did something against the inflation…)

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