Rescue The Princess

She is a beautyqueen, always smiling is her job.
Earning her money as a singer in bars and clubs,
travelling around with the big dream of becoming famous,
being a star, someone who is loved by the whole world…
Hunting for recognition, although she knows it will never satisfy her.
So the idea came up to literally give her to the audience.
During a performance she got tied with her microphone cable,
and a loop machine was set up, which looped everything she
said, screamed or sang.
The people in the audience who didnt know what was going on
were able to control the loop machine and the microphone…
and so a special, random „song“ was created.
After a while the sound guy turned it off.
People were not sure what was happening,
the singer was still bound on the stage…
Slowly they understood that they all are responsible
in this situation and two guys at last freed her
after she was begging for release for 20 minutes…
So the gap between the icon, the „star“ and the audience vanished,
she became human again and the others active,
not just people who „consumed“ what someone on a stage offered…


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