“Powerseller”, 2008


“Powerseller” is a web art piece using the platform Ebay to mirror consumer behaviour and its impact on society and environment. The Ebay seller “power_seller_08” offers items as usual, but the ads dont only include advertising, but also anti-advertising: With a lot of text and soime nice pictures the seller informs the customer about the background of every object – where it’s made, how it’s made, costs, ingredients and so on…

The offered items are mainly MP3 players (Apple), toys for children (Mattel, Chico), brand clothing (Adidas, Nike, Esprit, Levis), mobile phones (Nokia) and some furcoats. All of these things are real and really available to buy. The Ebay user is being confronted with all the issues of an item in the moment of “wanting” it. They can freely decide if they want to purchase or better look for something else…this art piece isn’t just for an art audience – it becomes part of peoples every day life. In the end all items have been sold for an average price.


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